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    Welcome to our homepage! We are Latvian folklore band Maskackas spelmani from Riga, Latvia.
    Maskachka is a part of Riga, just to the East side from the Central bazaar, on the bank of the biggest river of Latvia - Daugava. It is a place of our meetings, that's why we call ourselves Maskackas spelmani - Maskachka's musicians.
    We play and sing together from September 1995. At this time we are seven participants, leader of the group is Ansis Ataols Berzins.
    In our repertoire, there are original songs from different parts of Latvia, played on various instruments (squeeze-box, violin, zither, flute, bag-pipe, bas, psaltery, drums, saw, dulcimer and others), and, of course, dances.
    Generally we try to play in ethnographical manner, like country musicians of Latvia are played more than hundred years ago.
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    We took part in many concerts in Latvia and also international folklore festivals Suiti dance fest (Alsunga, Latvia, 2015), Baltica (Riga, Latvia, 2015), Ant rubeziaus (Sauliai, Lithuania, 2015), Dziva muzika (Ligatne, Latvia, 2014), Aisus kankleliai (Panevezhys, Lithuania, 2014), XXV All Latvian Song Festival (Riga, Latvia, 2013), Kantele (Petrozavodsk, Karelia, 2012), Baltica (Riga, Latvia, 2012), Atataria lamzdžiai (Kaunas, Lithuania, 2011), Z Jedlni pod Grunwald (Jedlna, Poland, 2010), XVI Tērbatas ermoņiku festivālā (Tartu, Estonia, 2009), Baltica (Riga, Latvia, 2009), XXIV All Latvian Song Festival (Riga, Latvia, 2008), Dziva muzika (Riga, Latvia, 2007), Grok, žemaiti (Kretinga, Lithuania, 2007), Linköping Folk Music Festival (Linchoping, Sweden, 2007), Drone-Bass Festival (Alshvang, Latvia, 2007), Baltica (Riga, Latvia, 2006), Hansa Days (Osnabrück, Germany, 2006), Dranouter (Dranouter, Belgium, 2005), Atataria lamzdziai (Kaunas, Lithuania, 2005), Baltica (Tallinn, Estonia, 2004), Baltica (Riga, Latvia, 2003), Mirovaya derevna (Leningrad distr., Russia, 2003), Days of Europe (Athens, Greece, 2003), Myszkow Folklore Festival (Myszkow, Poland, 2002), Mielno Fishers Festival (Mielno, Poland, 2002), Drevlyanski dzherela (Rivno, Ukraine, 2001), Tek sauluze ant maraciu (Nida, Lithuania, 2001), Daubaro armonika (Velzhys, Lithuania, 2001), Möt Baltikum (Stockholm, Sweden, 2001), Festival of Baltic Folklore (Panevezhys, Lithuania, 2000), Contemporary Folk Music Festival (Riga, Latvia, 2000), Griezyne (Vilnius, Lithuania, 2000), Baltica (Riga, Latvia, 2000), Myjava Folklore Festival (Myjava, Slovakia, 2000), Jalkala (Leningrad distr., Russia, 1998), Zvinac cimbaly i garmonik (Pastavy, Belorussia, 1998), Baltica (Riga, Latvia, 1997), Skamba, skamba kankliai (Vilnius, Lithuania, 1996), Pulka eimu, pulka teku (Riga, Latvia, 1996), etc.
    We like to play in weddings and other holidays, to participate in concerts and festivals outside Latvia, as well to tell foreign tourists about Latvian folklore and traditions, to show folkmusic instruments, costumes, singing and dancing, thus, if you have some proposals, don't hesitate to contact us.
    E-mail: (delete characters _ and N)
    Phone: +371 29141314, +371 29168165
    Address: Ansis Ataols Berzins, Maskavas 54, Riga, LV-1003, Latvia

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